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My mission at New Business Matchmaker

is to help those approaching midlife and beyond to adapt and adjust to the life changes that lie ahead. 

I believe that everyone has the potential to create a fulfilling and financially stable future and I am dedicated to helping individuals discover their strengths and passions to pursue their ambitions. 

Many years could have been spent in employment – but now, approaching midlife, freedom of choice is open to all. 

Bringing personal passions to the forefront – skills learned, hobbies and interests can all play a part in an exciting, new future. Many will have ideas to build on, using their life and work experience to create the perfect blend of work and leisure – and not being beholden to an employed position any longer!

I can guide towards the right business opportunities for everyone, given their unique skillset, and provide the support they need to grow and thrive with confidence. 

Personal life and work life often merge. There should be a synergy, so a true balance is achieved leading to a contented and fulfilling lifestyle. 

When you are working you are working – when you are relaxing or at leisure – you are present in that moment and enjoying all of your time. Then you know you have true balance. It's not always easy to achieve – but its worth striving for.

About me

All my life I have enjoyed helping people – never interfering just helping as needed. Becoming a midlife business mentor is the fulfilment of many years of experiences and learning.

I have been involved in various industries, from gaining a floristry degree, enabling me to create a new course at the local college, teaching floristry, to being involved in setting up a successful events business. My partner and I held an overseas distributorship licence to import UK manufactured products. An exciting time.

Around 7 years ago we started a commercial and domestic cleaning agency, which I am proud to say, is still going strong today. Being professional business people, we have brought to our business integrity and respect for our team and our clients. We have an excellent reputation.

Having a solid family background has meant that I have the support needed to concentrate on these business ventures in the right way.  We live in the beautiful Peak District. Most of our family are nearby. Life is full and that’s how we like it.

You know the old saying “Ask a busy person”

I now help women, who having reached the midlife ‘crossroads’, are wondering, and possibly worrying what steps to take next.

I have the knowledge and experience to help and guide them on a new career path, with a sense of direction and clarity.  Always with care and kindness.

I can be in your pocket if needed to help you succeed.

When added support is needed to help over the first few months, with accountability, and any issues or queries that may occur. Clients set up a monthly support plan, which can be tailored to your needs. Please contact for more details.

You have a business – but it needs a stronger sense of direction


As a midlife business mentor, I specialise in assisting entrepreneurs who have reached a stage

where they seek to expand and develop their business.

They may have established their businesses as sole traders, encountered obstacles to growth, and are struggling to find new avenues for moving forward...

While some may feel discouraged and consider giving up,

it is important to recognise that there is still untapped potential for growth.

I am here to support these business owners, providing expert guidance on various aspects of routes to market,

marketing, client engagement, and market exploration.

By maximising my expertise, I aim to help them revitalise their businesses and reach new levels of success.

 Midlife is a time of great change, and it’s a time to work out exactly what business owners want and need. 



"Being creative, I've found it difficult to find someone who understands and can help me progress in my business.

Finding Sharon has been instrumental inme getting clarity and a clear path forwardto the success I want.

She completely understands and has

really helped me identify the strategies

that will generate the income I want in my life. Her mindset work is also a game changer,

enabling me to work with calm and

confidence. I can't recommend Sharon highly enough, thank you.


"Sharon is a dedicated mentor and

coach. She has great vision and is

always supportive.

She helped me reach the top of my

profession. I still ask her for advice and guidance as needed.

I would not hesitate to contact

Sharon again as I trust her

judgment and thought".


Wow! I’ve recently completed the Clarity Boost 90 with Sharon Thomas, I can honestly say that clarity is exactly what it has given me, along with the tools to act. It was the most powerful and focussed session I've ever had with anyone, and she was clearly passionate about helping and supporting me to succeed.


We were concentrating on a longer-term plan to re-launch my business, whilst also looking at how to bring in money immediately. Sharon's ability to listen deeply and then use this as a springboard for exploration, followed by focussing in on what really matters, is extraordinary. 

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